venerdì 18 novembre 2011

the box of the denied dreams

this is really a piece of me... it rappresents the sensation that overwhelms you when you finally decide to let your dreams invade everything in and out of you...and it's magical, and all is finally one

sabato 28 maggio 2011


this is a very productive period... here's an art about arianrhod
hope you'll enjoy it :)

venerdì 20 maggio 2011

the fae and the butterfly

one reflects the other in the eternal cycle

the sphere of wisdom

New painting, it tells a story, and i would like you to make your own, understanding what she has to tell you :)

a walk in the woods

Finally I'm able to put here the scanned image of "A walk in the woods", moreover I've worked hardly this days on new paintings hope you'll enjoy 'em :)

domenica 24 aprile 2011

a walk in the wood

here's my new painting...i'm sorry for the quality of the image but my scanning device is broken...
i'll fix it as soon as i can :)

lunedì 4 aprile 2011


It's been a while since my last post, I apologize for that...
it has  been a very busy period but my work didn't stop.
Here's a drawing about mermeids
hope you'll enjoy it